du'kWXaXa'?t3w3l (means Sacred Change for Each Other) came forth to this world to bring a message of hope and inspiration to all people Native and non-Native alike.  It is a message to respect the sacred change that has been occurring and will continue to occur in our life time.  That is to pray to each other for each other.  Help one another to become something more than we would alone or within our own community.  Look at diversity in society as something to embrace.  Our lives are intertwined and woven together to experience Sacred Change for Each Other 

"The Unveiling" of a fully twined mountain goat wool blanket named du'kWXaXa'?t3w3l.  She now lives at The Seattle Art Museum. Event took place January 2006 at The Evergreen State College Longhouse.

Coast Salish Weaving 

by sa'hLa mitSa - Dr. Susan Pavel