September 2, 2016  Finished.  "Our Healing".  Hung with Love & Blessed with Prayer & On Display at the Portland Art Museum until February 26, 2017.  This weaving has brought a healing path to my husband and I.  As 2015 was our most difficult year together.  It is with deep respect that Coast Salish Weaving wove us together.

July 4, 2016:  Hello and back again!  The month of June was filled with weavings for graduations.  It is fascinating to me how the creative energy flows and when I get the human out of the way the spirit of weaving takes over.  34 inches left to weave and tuck all those ends in that you can't see behind the weaving.  I will be at Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island from July 11-24, where I will be working on various projects and this is one of them.  You are welcome to visit and watch the progress.  Make sure to email me in advance. 

Beginning of May 2016: My darling, Jubilee, lovingly posed next to the weaving and I can't tell which I love more!  I have woven about 67 inches and have 53 inches to go.  The work does not seem daunting, it is quite the contrary, a pleasure to weave.  As each row gets twined I can feel the energy continue to lift up and up.

End of March 2016:  We are really getting our weave on now!  Have finished about 1/3 of the weaving - 40 inches, with 2/3 to go - 80 inches.  Weaving during Spring Break (which I took off) helped alot.  Also, early during that week we went to Silver Falls State Park and rejuvenated our spirits and souls.  

Late February 2016:  Matched the skeins, shocked the wool, and started weaving ... SO FUN!

February 2016:  I received two large skeins of yarn late fall of 2015.  I have searched around and I think I may have been able to match it, in order to have enough wool to weave the weft of this banner type weaving.  I can tell it is starting to vibrate within the weaving arena - where creation happens.  

December 2015: This is the third time in the loom's existence that I am warping it up.  The first piece was woven for the Suquamish Tribe titled "Returning Home" and lives in their resort.  The second weaving was a private commission of a bedspread for a collector couple in the southwest. And now its third warping is before us.  The loom stands 9 feet tall, with a width of 9.5 feet.  If I were to weave its entirety, it could produce a 14.5 foot long weaving that is 8.5 feet wide.  This current piece is approximately 11 feet by 3.5 feet.  Come back and check out the progress...

‚ÄčCoast Salish Weaving 

by sa'hLa mitSa - Dr. Susan Pavel