Our Healing


40" x 11'6" x .5"

This amazing banner publicly acknowledges my own 'banner year' of 2016, when I celebrated 20 Years of Weaving.  (please see tab "Progression of a Monumental Weaving" for full description). 

Touching Bliss

hand-dyed wool with indigenous plants

50" x 70" x .5"

When I wove this the colors reminded me of those blissful moments early in the morning when the sun is just cresting over the hill.  Bringing a sense of calm and serenity - we all touch bliss when we honor these moments.

When Huckleberries Sprout​

acrylic wool blend

36" x 62.5" x .5"

Huckleberries are a Native food to our region.  Of the abundance of berries - they are the coveted and sought after ones - much like a handwoven robe. 

Orca's Song


18.5" x 22.5" x .4"

When worn this child's robe moves as if the Orca swims in its wake.  A gorgeous example of Coast Salish Twined weaving.

Coast Salish Weaving 

by sa'hLa mitSa - Dr. Susan Pavel


wool, repurposed wood, brass accents

12.25" x 14" x 2.75"

Starman combines traditional weaving techniques with modern wood working skill producing next level creativity.  And it is well worth noting that two separate people came up with the same title for this piece.

Splendor of Spring

hand-dyed wool with indigenous plants

48" x 47" x .5"

Representing the spring season coming forth - the dark band of color depicts the winter's blanket, which keeps the earth warm during winter.  Emerging are colors that we would start to see when the snow melts bringing forth the Splendor of Spring.  

Bear's Belly


27" x 16" x .25"

The weaving resonates from the center out and reminds me of bear power and how they are ferocious and grounding at the same time.


(translates as Sacred Change for Each Other)

mountain goat wool blend

55" x 85.5" x .5"

This robe has her own tab on my website under the same name.  It took 12 years to gather enough mountain goat wool and another 2 years to fully twine her.  She is a feminine entity that came forth to bring many teachings.  The 'sacred change' refers to the revitalization of Coast Salish cultural practices.  The wavy lines and zigzags represent the life force, while the dashes are backbones, reminding us to be strong against life's challenges.

Duck Dance

wool, crystal beads, personally harvested duck feathers

38" x 42" x .25"

The year 2016 celebrated 20 Years of Coast Salish Weaving for me.  I honored that year with my own woven creation, that I have donned all year.  As a weaver it is difficult to keep any of the weavings, they are gifted away, commissioned, and/or sold.  This one managed to stay with me.

The Spirits Are Whispering

acrylic wool blend

96" x 98" x .3"

A commissioned weaving, this piece always surprises me with its whispers of beauty and elegance.  We invite you to hear the whispering as you gaze upon.